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About Garden Centre Supplies

Windowbox0151-300x225Welcome to Garden Centre where we pride ourselves on delivering the best-quality picnic benches and planters, using a personal and professional service.

We are a family business operating from Kingston-Upon-Hull. The business was founded when we decided to go public with some longheld family values. The response to our benches was immediately overwhelming. Since then we have developed an excellent range of picnic benches and planters that we know you will love.

Eco-Friendly Policy

We are aware of environmental issues and are committed to purchasing logs using sustainable sources by working closely with specialist timber importers to try to make a difference, meaning that we care what effect our business has on the environment and make sure we have minimal impact on deforestation.

Quality Assured

After harvest, the logs are transported to a modern computerised sawmill. Here the timber is kiln dried to
a moisture content of 18-20% to preserve the quality of the wood meaning that we can guarantee our products up to 10 years.

Our benches are constructed from 45mm x 95mm timber and our planters are made from 98mm x 28mm decking. Our timber is strength tested and tanalised to last upto 10 years. Each picnic bench, planter and window box is manufactured by hand and made to order.

Prior to dispatch, the benches are quality checked and tested and can be dismantled and flat packed if required.